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Release Day Box Set and Review: The Line That Binds by J.M. Miller

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*Series Box Set includes The Line That Binds & The Line That Breaks*
Wishes don't come true. I should know. If they did, my addict mom wouldn’t have left, and my dad wouldn't have lost his job. I wouldn't have moved cross-country to a creepy old house on an estate willed to me by some crazy great-aunt I never knew. It's not exactly the best way to start senior year, but life in Las Vegas is over, and change is exactly what I need. When I meet the groundskeeper’s smart-mouthed grandson, I can tell by his gritty style that he’s the kind of change I probably should avoid. And when I ask him about my family’s past, his dark, mischievous eyes tell me more than his words. But it's not until I find the well and the headaches begin that I realize how much he's really hiding. Maybe wishes do come true. With a price.

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*I'm going to do the review of the two books in this one thread, later they happily will go to each thread to the respective book*

To start , I'm not a fan of Paranormal Young Adult Books... there are some books I happily read if they're paranormal and only if they catch my attention, but they're not my favorite. Fortunately, I saw the blurb of these and damn, I wanted them really fast!!

This book is about LJ who is a young girl, related to a family that have a blood curse (because is with the members of the family that the curse is activated), her family have to move to the Old Historical House of her aunt, and that's when we meet Ben Shadows, this young handsome boy who was the housekeeper with his grandfther, due to the dead of her aunt, and the lost of her dad's job in Las Vegas, they had to live there.

Ben is worried because they don't know, what are the plans that have LJ's family with the house, and also for the curse that lies between the old walls of the house... 

In the firt book, we can see the interaction, the lovely interaction between LJ and Ben, the begginings of the curse, and how they start to hold onto each others backs to survive, the found a conection, so beautiful, that they don't want to end it.

In the second book, we see more and the effects of the curse in LJ's life, is heartbreaking and beautiful to see Ben by her side, trying to help her no matter what. And also see how these characters grow, to show us the strongest parts of them, with this curse that is threatening to destroy their lifes.

Is a unique style, and had some unexpected things, that I couldn't help but love these books! Is different and is beautiful, maybe I don't have enough words to say how excited I was at the end, because let me tell you something... J.M. did an incredible job with this book, and if you like paranormal you should at this to your TBR and find an amazing world in these ones.
About the author

J.M. Miller currently consumes her coffee in Florida. When she isn't busy being distracted by social media sites, she writes Young Adult and New Adult romance novels that vary in genre from contemporary to paranormal, with a little mystery thrown in for fun. Aside from spending time with her family, she loves to travel and will jump at the chance to go anywhere, whenever life allows.
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