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New Release and Review: K.P. Haigh - Only Fools Jump

Title: Only Fools Jump
Author: K.P. Haigh
Release Date: July 28, 2016
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Only fools jump...and Zoey Porter is no fool. At least not anymore. One tiny mistake when she was eighteen led to two very real consequences—the kind that keep you up all night and demand breakfast in the morning.
The only thing Zoey has time for these days is dry shampoo, energy bars, and that magical photo filter that erases the circles under her eyes.
So when Elliott MacCallister knocks on the door like a #nofilternecessary god, Zoey knows she’s in serious trouble.
With Elliott as the newly-minted resident of her boss’s pool house, keeping her distance is easier said than done.
Time to stock up on wine, cookies, and a portable fan. This summer just got complicated.
Only Fools Jump is like cotton candy for your soul—light and sweet. It’s a full length, standalone romantic comedy. It’ll be impossible to stop smiling after you devour this perfect summer read.

Recommended for 18+ due to language and some sexual content.


I had the opportunity to read OFJ the debut novel of the indie author K.P. Haigh.
Althought this book it was a fun and light read, I had mixed emotions because there were moments when I felt the book wasn't doing it for me.
I don't know if it was like that because I felt like the funny parts where a little forced or because I am a non native english speaker and I still need to learn a lot of american jokes.

The plot was a good one, I love how K.P. tell us the story about a single mom with two adorable daughters, how she's trying to make a good life for her and her daughters and also how she unexpectedly finds herself falling for her brother's boss.
One thing I would say is that at the beggining the poor Zoey needed to relax a little bit! I think is normal to like a hot guy even after "she pushed two monkeys out of that unreasonably small opening in her southern hemispehere", words by herself.
The character of Elliot was an interesting one, the interaction between them was something sweet to see. I respect that Elliot gave her the space she needed to decided where she wanted to come along between their relationshinp and her daughters.

Overall I think this was a sweet funny romcom that could have been better developed. I feel there are some parts like Elliot's and Zoey's daughters relationship that I think it would have been good if I could have read about more interactions between them, it was focused in the romance of the couple (nothing bad at all) but I guess for me it would have been lovely to see, I was expecting a little more from Zoey (regarding her personality). I definitely believe we will see more from K.P. and I would like to be there in every step to see how she grows more and give us incredible books!

I received and arc copy in exchange of an honest review

Elliott finally looks back at me from his spot near the glass door that faces the marbled water. For someone who looks so put together, who comes off as confident and relaxed, there’s something tucked deep in there that’s broken. I wish I could fix it. I wish trying to fix it wasn’t such a risky proposition.

“I don’t think there was very much about what I did that was brave.” He shakes his head. “I just ran fast—from things, toward things—until I couldn’t any more, and now I’m here, crashing at my sister’s pool house.”

I never would have guessed that hidden under that easy bravado was shame, but it’s as clear as the crease between his eyebrows. I want to press my lips to that wrinkled sliver of skin, but life isn’t a fairytale. I can’t make his problems disappear with a kiss. Whatever they are, he’s going to have to work through them piece by piece.

I know a little something about that deep-in-the-trenches work. “It’s not as bad as the voice in your head is telling you it is.”

Elliott wraps his hand around the back of his neck and strains his head back with a deep exhale. “You don’t know that.”

I shake my head in disagreement. “Whatever it is, I know you’re a good person.”

Elliott’s eyebrow ticks up and his gaze intensifies. I feel like I might disintegrate.

“Even if I am, I don’t always do the right thing.” His voice is husky, and I get the feeling we’re not talking about the problems that led him here any more.

I blink quickly. Maybe I’m imagining it. “What makes you say that?”

“I think about you more than a good person should.”

My mouth goes completely dry. I’m not imagining it. I should run away from this conversation, like I’m the virgin in a horror film. They always get screwed—and not in a good way—but I’m drawn in. I can’t stop myself.

“You do?” It’s as much a confirmation as it is a question.

Elliott pushes off against the door frame and takes a step toward me, his hand still wrapped behind his head.

“Yeah, I do.” He swallows slowly. “I like you. A good person would walk away and leave you alone, but I’m two steps away from kissing you—and damn, I really want to.”

K.P. Haigh joined the adult world as a project manager. After spending years in spreadsheets, she put her love of blank notebooks to good use and started spinning words into love stories.

In a perfect world, K.P. would have a never-ending supply of coffee, carbs, and sticky notes. She corners the market on ridiculous facial expressions and is happiest when she's cooking for people or making them laugh.

She’s always up for crispy French fries and can’t wait for self-driving cars to take over the world so she can read on her way to everywhere.

K.P. lives in Seattle with the man who loves her crazy and their son, who inherited half of it.

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