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Release Day: Deny Me by Fiona Cole

Title: Deny Me
Author: Fiona Cole
Release Date: Nov 21, 2016
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Jameson King.
My best friend’s brother and the person who could make an Olympic sport of ignoring my relentless teasing and taunting.
I was a live-in-the-moment girl flirting with a man who always looked to the future. He was traditional, carrying the weight of his whole family on his broad shoulders, and I had been taught to never fall in love, focusing on my career instead of a future with anyone.
He tried to deny me, tried to deny the passion simmering between us, bubbling under the surface of every game we played.
But all that changed during one week in Jamaica. Falling into bed with Jameson was easy, but falling in love was out of the question.

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I will keep this brief. I didn't like this book, there a few redeemable parts but still I can't find a way to like this book like other people, I guess I am in the minority.

First of all Evelyn, the heroine... oh how I dislike her. I couldn't connect with her. From the beginning I feel like she almost harassing Jameson, I guess the poor guy was thinking with his manhood so he followed her. 
The constant reminder that she can't fall in love, oh please, I was tired to hear that. WHY can you not let you feel something... Honey, it's not like love is an STD. Personally, I think I understood her personal reasons but since she couldn't even understand her mixed feeling, I couldn't either. Not that I wanted to.

Jameson was okay... I guess he just went with the flow. I mean who doesn't love a guy that can save a girl... to then realise they are in love? I guess it's just reversed roles this time.

The story... Look, I don't have a master in English and I don't know if I'll be wrong (if I am, I'd appreciate if you tell me where) but how can I explain the writing style? From the prologue I was expecting a different thing with the first chapter. They make out "passionately" and God help me, she just gave him a taste of what he was going to miss because she doesn't screw with the same guy twice? For God's sake, give the guy a brake.

Then whoa, they jump into a meeting between Lu (her best friend) Jameson and Lu's friend, and she starts talking how they always make pranks because they are this big family... she lives far away from her mom. She jumps in teasing really hard Jameson, just because she can and now that something happened they have the biggest chemistry, he just doesn't want to act on it. 

And then she jumps into how her best friend lost her parents, and jumps again into how her best friend suffered from a bad accident so that's why she guess Jameson now wants to settle down (and that's what keeps her out of Jameson radar, because she likes her but not to have a relationship with him).

I mean, she doesn't one that because her mom teached her to be independent... and she keeps jumping on moments, and I feel like it's a big effort to make me know her better and her group of friends and she keeps jumping. So I got tired and I gave up.

It felt rushed, and I feel like the author didn't give me time to adjust her pace.

Overall is a nice book I wouldn't want to read again, but hey! there is a bright side in everything I just gifted the book to my best friend and she totally loved. Maybe it's not my style, but I totally recommend you to give this a try.


I flung the curtain open and stepped out, staring down at my breasts as I cupped them, pretending I didn’t see Jameson at all. “Lu, what do you think of my breasts in this bra? Do they look perky enough?”

I looked up, gasping in shock at seeing Jameson. “Oh, no,” I said, lifting my hand to caress the skin of my chest. “Jameson, I didn’t know you were in here.” Luella was snorting, trying to hold in her laughter at my exaggerated show. “But while you’re here, why don’t I get your opinion?” I cupped my boobs again, lifting them for inspection. “Do they look perky enough in this bra?”

Finally taking a moment to meet his eyes, I prepared myself for a look of embarrassed shock. Instead, I was greeted with overwhelming heat. If his eyes could reach out and touch me, they would have singed my skin. The smile slipped from my lips and I swallowed, trying to wet my dry mouth.

His eyes scanned all the way down to my pumps and back up to the breasts I lifted for his inspection. A lifetime seemed to pass as his stare stroked a fire across my skin. My breath stuttered out between my lips at the way he took me in. It threw me off and I was struggling to collect myself.

“Like what you see, Jameson?” Lu asked, laughter filling her voice.

His eyes blinked a few times, pulling himself from the trance. Looking between us, he seemed to make a decision. Standing tall, I prepared myself for whatever he would throw my way.

He focused his eyes on me and let them slide up my body again. But this time was different, it was an intentional ogling that shocked me. Jameson never stared at me like that. I would catch him every once in a while, checking me out, but never so openly ogling my body.

When he dropped the bag at Lu’s feet and started taking steps toward me, a fluttering kicked up in my chest. But I set my jaw and held his stare. Whatever his plan was, I would win.

Nothing could have prepared me for when he squatted down and hoisted me up over his shoulder. I let out a loud yelp and braced my hands on his firm ass. As he began walking with me still over his shoulder, I beat at his back and demanded, “Put me down, Jameson King!” His response was to slap my ass and keep walking. “Luella, help me!”

That traitor only laughed.

“Jameson, put me down!”

“Fine,” he said calmly, dropping me to the floor.

A victorious smile formed on my lips until I saw he had brought me into the fitting room. He winked before turning back to Luella, who was still laughing in her chair, and said, “Ignore the moan of pleasure coming from in here. It’s just me fucking Evie.” Her smile falling was the last thing I saw before the curtain closed and he turned to me.

My back hit the mirror as I backed away from him.

“Jameson,” I tried to reason. “Don’t you-”

My words were cut off as he covered my mouth with his hand, only letting muffled groans escape. “Oh yeah, Evie. Rub all over my dick. That’s a good girl.”

My eyes were going to pop out of my head from shock hearing Jameson talk dirty to me with his sister right outside. My body just leaned against the glass as I stared into his cocky eyes. They held victory because he had the upper hand and knew it. How was I losing?

I had reached out to grab his crotch when the curtain was ripped back and Lu’s eyes flicked from me to him, her lip curled in disgust. “Fucking gross, Jameson.”

Tossing his head back, he let out a deep laugh and removed his hand from my mouth. “Maybe that’ll teach you guys to stop playing with me.” He edged out of the small enclosure, kissing Lu on the head on his way out. “See you later, baby sister.” He gave me a wink before turning to walk out of the gold room, tossing over his shoulder, “Enjoy your dress shopping.”

We stood frozen, watching his retreating back. “Well, shit,” I muttered, dropping my shoulders in defeat.

Lu smirked. “Looks like you need to up your game, Evelyn.”


Where You Can Find Me – Released Nov 2015

Luella King has experienced loss all her life. After losing her parents and the most important person in her life, she hesitates to open up to anyone and instead plays it safe. One night, she throws caution to the wind and gives into her desires with a sexy stranger.

Fearing her sudden and unexpected loss of control, Luella runs away from him. A chance second encounter pushes her to open her eyes and give the stranger a chance.

There’s something about Jack MacCabe that makes her feel safe enough to lower her guard. Despite how busy he is with his job as a security specialist, they continue to spend more time together and with each date and late night message she finds herself falling in love.

When a serial killer wreaks havoc on their city, Jack's dangerously close proximity to the case reignites Luella's fears of losing someone important to her. Surrendering her fears in order to keep Jack by her side challenges Luella to her limits, while Jack is under pressure to catch the serial killer before it's too late.

As Jack and Luella draw closer to one another, the killer closes in on their next victim. Soon Jack and Luella find themselves entrenched in a mystery they never saw coming.

**Warning: This book may contain minor triggers due to sensitive topics.

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Fiona Cole is a military wife and a stay at home mom with a degree in Biology and Chemistry. As much as she loved science she decided to postpone her career to stay at home with her two little girls and immersed herself in the world of books until finally deciding to write her own.

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